Abs After 40 Review – Can Men Over 40 Really Get In Shape With 6 Pack Abs?

abs after 40 workoutThe more older we get, the more difficult it becomes to burn fat and for many men over the age of 40, getting 6 pack abs seems like a goal that is almost impossible to achieve. While this is an unfortunate truth, but 53-year-old Mark Mcilyar believes and is apparently living proof that even men who are 40-plus can get ripped.Four years ago when Mark was 49 years old, he used to have quite a bulging and flabby belly, but he managed to transform his body and get 6-pack abs in merely 3 years.

Just Google “Mark Mcilyar” and see for yourself. However, if you are wondering how he is able to look so exceptionally fit for his age, it is courtesy of everything he has detailed in the Abs after 40 program.

What Is The Abs After 40 Course?

Abs After 40 is basically a natural hormone-rejuvenating workout course. This means that this program is targeted at men over the age of 40, to help boost the levels of the most important male hormone in their bodies, testosterone. For men over 40, a decline in testosterone levels is quite natural, which makes it difficult for them to get into shape. Instead, they begin gaining belly fat gradually, their muscle mass decreases, their libido declines and they become sluggish overall. Mark designed his program to combat these very symptoms.

What Are The Other Reasons Men Over 40 Are Not Able To Get Fit?

In simple words, the attempt to get fit can become rather overwhelming for men over 40. Their age does not permit them to prioritize exercise and/or or working out. Many of them are not in good shape. Many workout routines are meant for younger men rather than them. Their body tends to be more fragile beyond 40, so it is not recommended that they perform those workouts and they can even get hurt if they do. Beginning new dieting routines can be similarly difficult for them too.

s mentioned, testosterone is the simple, one-word answer to the question. Apart from not being geared at men over the age of 40, most workouts do not cater to raising the levels of testosterone in their bodies. Apparently, this is the main reason belly fat in older men just does not go away and muscle mass refuses to appear. Mark claims that a decline in testosterone may occur in men as young as 20, but this decline really speeds up when they turn 40. This is the problem that Mark’s course addresses and apparently this is why it works.

What Is Included In The Abs After 40 Course?

Mark synthesized his course/program into three phases, which are:

= Phase #1: Fat Loss Jumpstart
= Phase #2: Male Hormone Optimization
= Phase #3: Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode

Over the course of these phases, men over 40 will learn exercises that will rejuvenate the testosterone levels and levels of other essential male hormones in their bodies. They will also learn to perform workouts using free weights, which will involve 100% compound movements that they can effectively and safely perform. Last but not least, this course will introduce men into a diet that will make them eat the right foods to balance the hormones in their bodies.


= This is an all-natural course/program. In fact, advises men over 40 against opting for methods like Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

= This course/program actually informs men over 40 why they are not able to get in shape and it apparently offers the right solutions to combat the problem.

= This course/program advises against exercises or workouts that simply will not work because they do not raise testosterone levels naturally, such as P90X and other cardio programs.

= This course-program agrees that work out is not enough and that nutrition is equally essential, which is the reason a diet plan is included.


= While there does not seem to be anything with the course/program itself, the marketing language that has been used could be toned down a little. Moreover, men over 40 considering giving this course/program a try should make sure they keep their expectations in check.

The truth is that Mark’s claim is definitely factual and there is no doubt that testosterone levels in men begin declining rapidly as they turn 40. Moreover, it is also a fact that this is the reason that men over 40 end up developing bulging and flabby bellies like Mark once had. Thus, Mark is certainly accurate about this facts, which suggests that his course/program might indeed work and could be worth trying.